Scheduled Maintenance

Whether your swimming pool or spa has been built recently or not, it will benefit from regular professional servicing/maintenance. At SPS this involves keeping your pool water in pristine condition therefore protecting you and your pool equipment’s health. With regular servicing your pool and associated equipment will last longer.

We offer service and maintenance contracts for both commercial and domestic pools and Spas. We are happy to send out an engineer if you require an estimate for your on-going servicing needs at no cost. Once assessed, our engineer will provide a tailored servicing programme for all your pool and spa needs.

Outdoor pools will need opening for the Spring/Summer season and closing once Autumn falls and Winter approaches. We offer a complete opening and closing package which will involve deep cleaning ready for use and protection ahead of the Winter months. This will include inspections of plant equipment and chemical balancing. 

Whats involved?

• Monitoring the chemicals in the water to ensure that they are at the required and healthiest level. • Brushing and vacuuming • Washing and cleaning tile band • Checking the performance of filters and pumps plus often cleaning pool covers and surrounding areas. • Checking the performance of injectors
Cleaning injectors + salt chlorinator cells • Checking the performance of heating

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