We repair and maintain all pool and spa equipment, for example, pumps, heaters, pipe work and all controls ensuring optimum performance of your pool.

Over time, plant room equipment will inevitably suffer wear and tear and will need to be replaced with new parts or with more technologically advanced products that become available on the market. We advise clients on the best products and solutions for their plant room and then if desired will undertake the upgrade to ensure that you benefit from the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

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Our maintenance team repairs and services gas boilers, heat pumps, de-humidifiers and air handling units. It is essential that all of these appliances are serviced on an annual basis and that all pool technology components are kept in good condition to ensure the smooth running of your pool and to avoid unnecessary faults and early replacement.

Our engineers are experienced within the industry and fully qualified to all recognised governing bodies such as,

  • HWB1
  • ISPE
  • PADI
  • CSCS
  • Essential Electrics
  • PART P electrics

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