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Many health clubs, fitness centres and private clubs, have pools used mostly for exercise or recreation. Most major towns and cities provide public pools for competition and exercise. Many hotels have pools available for their guests to use at their leisure. Educational facilities such as schools typically have pools for physical education classes, recreational activities, leisure or competitive athletics such as swimming teams. 

What We offer

The benefit of using a professional swimming pool maintenance company is endless. Making sure the pool and spa facilities are clean and working at all times, taking the stress and worry away form the management and staff. From checking the chemicals, making sure the pumps, filters, heating and dosing systems are all working at their full potential. Keeping the pool looking pristine permanently. Most importantly knowing that we are going to manage and fix any problems you may encounter quickly and efficiently. 

Dosing System Specialists

Automatic dosing systems require regular servicing & calibration.

In order to guarantee the dosing system is reading the correct chemical levels of the pool water it must be calibrated regularly.

The probes that read the chemicals must be cleaned and replaced regularly. The pre strainers also need to be cleaned in order to stop any particles entering the system. Injectors must be checked for blockages so that disinfectant and acid can work its way freely through.

Dosing systems require maintenance as much as every other component that runs a swimming pool.

​Contact us to organise an engineer to service your dosing system.

Filter Media & Laterals

Filter media & Laterals wont last forever

Filter media and Lateral changes also need to be carried out. The type of system and bather load dictates how often.

The filters in this system are sand filters. Sand filters consist of a large tank, made of fiber glass, concrete or metal, containing a thick bed of special-grade sand.

​During filtering operation, dirty water from the pool comes in through the filter’s inlet pipe, which leads to the water distribution head inside the tank. While gravity pulls the water down through the sand, the tiny sand particles catch any dirt and debris. At the bottom of the tank, the filtered water flows through the pick-up unit and out the outlet pipe.

​After a few years the media inside the filter will begin to solidify and at this point it is time to change the media.

If you are finding sand back inside the pool, this shows that the Laterals at the bottom of the filter have split and they will need to be replaced. 

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