In order to make the most of your swimming pool, you’ll want to heat the water to an average temperature of 28°C.

The two most common ways of heating pools in the UK are through the use of Gas boilers and/or Air source heat pumps.

We can help with installation and maintenance of all Air source heat pumps, gas boilers & air handling units.

Our engineers are fully qualified to be working in the industry holding qualifications such as

• Gas Safe
• HWB1 (This is an extra qualification needed to work on Pool boilers)
• ISPE (institute of swimming pool engineers )
• Our electricians are also fully qualified
• CSCS specialising in hot works & plumbing

We will provide all the relevant certificates upon completion.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

Dura-Tech Pro Inverter – 2-year warranty on all parts & labour

We offer a range of Air source heat pumps. The best in the market is the Dura-Tech pro mainly because of the 2-year warranty they offer on all parts and labour.

This is something we have found to be paramount when deciding on an ASHP.

Many brands don’t offer a warranty on labour and only offer a 1-year warranty on parts.

In order to commission these units, we will need to test first that there is a sufficient size supply cable and breaker already run to the installation area. If there needs to be adjustments made this will be an extra cost.

The larger the pool the higher the KW rating of the ASHP.

Inverter heat pumps have the flexibility to vary the rotation speed of the compressor and the fan motor.

This allows it to use less energy to maintain the set temperature of the pool while also being able to heat up the pool faster at start-up. So you can enjoy further savings on your electricity bills.


Based on average outdoor pool size 48 square meters

Average household running costs

Electric – 0.15/kwhr

Gas – 0.044/kwhr (high boiler efficiency )


Gas Boiler


0-2 years parts & labour (varies depending on brand)

10 years parts & labour

Season Capability

April – October (this is classed as an extended season and not all brands are capable of achieving this.

All year round

Start Up Time Frame

3 – 10 days Depending on Ambient temperatures

2-3 days depending on Ambient temperatures

Average Running costs (April – Oct) 7 months

Average 1/4 the price of gas


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